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Email Set Up
Do you need help setting up your email?  We can help.  Below is a step-by-step narrative on how to set up your email system.  We will soon be offering all of our how-tos on video.

If you have any questions or need to talk to someone live you can do so by calling 888-667-8574 or you can contact us here
How to Set Up Your Email Account:

1. Go to Outlook Express
2. Go to Tools -- which is located at the very top next to File Edit and View
3. Go to Accounts and click on it.
4. Highlight your Email Account and click the Properties button.
5. Make sure that the General information such as the name you want to show up when you send email is correct as well as your email address.
6. Once that is correct go to the Server tab.
7. Change the Incoming Mail Server and Outgoing Mail Server to the mail server given to you.
8. Under the Incoming Mail Server Heading change the account name to what you've set up.
Example: JSmith
9. Change the Password to the password you set up.
Example: 123any -- all passwords must be alphanumeric (both letters and numbers and 6 digits long)
10. Make sure the box next to: Log On using Secure Password Authentication is not checked
11. Under the Outgoing Mail Server Heading click on the box next to: My Server Requires Authentication.
Again make sure that there is check mark in the box.
12. Then Click on the Settings button under the Outgoing Mail Server header.
13. Under the Logon Information make sure: Use Same Settings as my incoming mail server is CHECKED.
Again make sure that the round button has a dot in it.
14. Then click OK
15. Click Apply at the bottom.
16. Then Click OK
17. You can exit to your Outlook Express.
18. You can now use your email.