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Welcome to CommStat
A Better Internet Company.
CommStat provides the kind of service you are looking for with the expertise you need. We have been in business since 1986, so we've seen the changes and look ahead to the future to help our clients meet the demanding needs of technology.

Our services don't just include web hosting. We offer:
  • free set-up, no long term contracts
  • host your website for as low as $9.95
  • help you set up your email addresses that you can check on a mail program or the internet
We strive for great Customer Service , so if you have a question or need information CommStat is there to help you.

Internet Service Needs:

Since CommStat is part of the CommXTech family of websites we can help you with any business solution you need.

Email Ad Campaigns:  There are many laws that govern sending out mass emails and your account must be compatible. We also offer design if needed since you also want the email ad to look good. Get Started on your Email Ad Campaign .
Small Business Marketing Website: A professional website with the web presence needed today. At a time and cost effective offer.  Check out Xpress Business Pages .

Business E-Commerce Site: For when you are selling a product, or keeping track of people (membership database), or anything requiring a database and website?  Then Enter-Link  is your best solution.  Check out all of the great options that Enter-Link  offers.

Do you need help with getting your website to the first page on Google? We can help with that too.  We offer an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) package to all of our clients that allows you to track keywords and who is searching your website.

CommStat takes care of their clients and that can include you.

Our newest Websites:

Communication Station  - An Organization Software for Businesses, Volunteers, Little Leagues, Sales Teams and Attorneys.  The webplatform allows you to immediately start using the software.  You can schedule appointments, ball fields, teams, associates, attorneys, clients, virtually anything that you need to know the schedule of.  It also keeps track of phone messages throughout the office so a message is never lost.  You can set notifications for Things to Do or Tasks so that nothing you need to do is ever forgotten.

Artist Avail Network  - This webplatform software allows any agency (small or large), any artist, or DJ to create contracts, list itineraries, keep track of artists, venues and purchasers from anywhere.  Our contracts keep track of artists, venues, purchaser, guarantee, ticket prices, deals, payment methods, monies due, contract due.  AAN also allows you to print your contract or email it out.  If you ar an agency AAN also allows you to let your artists update their individual holds and blocks if you allow them.

Cookies In A Box  - Cookie Arrangements and FREE Shipping! A delicious and perfect gift no matter what your budget is! Cookies In A Box offers birthday gifts, thinking of you gifts, anniversary gifts, Christmas gifts, Mother's Day gifts, Valentine's Day gifts, and many other special occasions. Offering cookie arrangements at $19.95, $29.95, and $39.95 with Free Shipping, you just can't beat it!

Here is just a small list of our current clients:
Communication Station
Artist Avail Network

Alpha Omega Research
Diamond and Gold Warehouse
Diamax Diamonds
Cookies In A Box
Cookies In Bloom
Fielding, Parker, and Hollman, LLP
Keith Case & Associates
Out of Court Alternatives ™
Strafford Conuslting
The Diamond Jewelry Company

If you would like a company who can help you navigate the needs of the internet then contact us here  and let CommStat help you with proven business solutions!