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Pricing & Charges
Below are pricing terms for CommXTech  who owns and operates CommStat, Enter-Link, and Xpress Business Pages.

If you have a question about the terms please contact us here .
Web Hosting Prices --

  Silver Plan. Gold Plan. Platinum Plan.
No Long Term Contracts.
Amount of Space Up to 30 MB 31-75 MB Unlimited
Unlimited Bandwith Usage
Web Extensions
Email Accounts Up to 10 11-20 50
Prices $9.95* $19.95* $29.95*

Web Maintenance / Design Charges --

Other than pre-quoted projects, these are the costs of all web maintenance and design charges.

  • $15.00 - If you buy a minimum of three (3) hours in advance ($45).
  • $17.50 - For each hour (without advance purchase) and payable at time of completion.
Services --
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Package: $60.00 with a six (6) month contract and $30.00 per month after the first six months.
  • Bulk Emails: $35.00
Additional Support / Training / Email Assistance --
  • $30.00 per hour - one (1) hour minimum.
Billing & Late Charges --
  • $7.50 - Late charge on any invoice that is more than 20 days past due from the time the invoice was sent out.
  • $7.50 - Additional late charge for every 30 days there after.
  • $75.00 - Reinstatement fee if account is more than 65 days due as CommXTech will suspend your account.